Entrust Your Roofing with ABCD Builders

Whether it is for your commercial project or for your own house, we’ve got you covered with ABCD Builders. While a lot of homeowners focus on the intricacies of landscaping and of interiors, it has been a common mistake or tendency to undermine the crucial aspect of the roofing. For both residential and commercial projects, roofing should also be given importance. Fortunately, you can find one roofing contractor in California who will cater to your roofing needs in a budget-friendly, professional and time-bound manner.

Based in Sherman Oaks, ABCD Builders accepts roofing projects all throughout Southern California. Our team is comprised of well-equipped building and construction professionals and highly-experienced subcontractors whose long years of experience and long list of projects completed speak of their expertise. For your most complex roofing dilemmas, you can rely on our skills and knowledge to help you find your way through. We remain committed to our guarantee of on-time completion while managing the cost and without compromising safety and quality.

One of the most crucial factors that should be considered in looking for or choosing a project contractor is the variety in its portfolio. A contractor, like ABCD Builders, that has successfully handled both commercial and residential roofing projects will be more knowledgeable and skilled than those with experience in one line only. Though both commercial and residential roofing has the same ultimate purpose, which is to serve as covering from sun or rain, specific details may also vary.

Roof patterns for residential projects are expected to be different from roof patterns used in commercial complexes, malls, commercial spaces or buildings. The roof patterns are designed to match and fit specific design requirements for the structure, whether a house or a building. Residences also use lesser protrusions compared to commercial structures. The size of the on-site manpower is also another crucial factor. Residential roofing projects would only require 2 or 3 workers but commercial projects usually have a team of 5 or more, depending on the area of the project. Some commercial projects may even require the use of elevated work platforms and scaffolding. Commercial projects also highlight more critical factors for consideration such as heat discharge from heavy machinery in the building.

It will be our honor to be a part of your house or of your office. With our untainted reputation for honesty and integrity, you are assured of the results and of the service you truly deserve. Quality and efficiency have always been at the top of our priority list for ABCD Builders. The commitment to sound and safe structures is the heart of our company.