Finding The Right Home Style & Décor

Style: whether you realize it or not, you have one. But when it comes to your home, does the décor in every room match your personal style? Does the furniture go well with the architecture, the paint with the accents? If you want to get the most out of your home’s interior design, first you need to find the style that best suits you and complements your home’s existing elements. Here, we review some of the most popular home decorating style to help you figure out where you stand.


Balance is important to you, in life and in your home décor. Your rooms are always laid out symmetrically, a virtual mirror image from side to side. You enjoy the look and comfort of classic furniture pieces. Classic, almost rustic, pieces evoke a warm sense of home. And the rich color schemes you choose allow you to make every room distinctly your own.

Country French

Old world elegance is the height of culture for you. You maintain yourself with a certain elegance, and you want your home to be a reflection of this fact. But that doesn’t mean you’re plain. Gilded accents and floral prints evoke your inner aristocrat. Your antique furniture is proof of your good taste, but the rustic elements that adorn your home let everyone know that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Rich blues and golds are your go-to colors, bathing your entire home in shimmering light.


At heart, you’re a minimalist. You like the simple beauty of clean lines and neutral colors. Bright and flashy is definitely not what you look for when you’re shopping for clothes, and the same goes for your furniture and home décor. However, the last thing you want your home to be is cold. Today’s modern style seeks to capture the essence of minimalist sensibilities while embracing the cozy touches that make your house feel like a home. We installed new flooring and doors to help create the perfect example of modern style pictured below.

Modern Bedroom Remodel

Finding Your Style

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home decorating styles. It’s likely that none of them fully encapsulate your particular style sense. If you’re looking to infuse a little more style into your home, a residential remodel might be your first step. Elements like new doors, flooring, cabinets, and windows can set the stage for you to restyle your home from the ground up.