Five New Emerging Trends in the Construction Field

Five New Emerging Trends in the Construction Field

Today homes and offices are not looking to become the biggest and best thing imaginable. With a damping economy, property owners are looking to build with more value for their money. Homeowners today want their rooms to serve more than just one task, by downsizing they can save money, reduce maintenance and increase comfort. Staying updated with the latest design trends is something that the contractors of ABCD Builders Inc. prides themselves on. Learn about the innovative ways to build your property.

Southern California residents know how to be efficient and work with what they have, the contractors of ABCD Builders Inc. prove to be the best in the business to provide their customers with more value than what is expected. They understand how to utilize the homeowner’s vision and develop a unique, custom design. Whether it is simple renovation, or a complete home makeover, these professionals know how to tackle a project with style and within budget.

Building homes with easy access

Accessibility is probably the biggest quality property owners look for. As baby boomers age they think about what the homes will be like for years in advance. This means that single-story buildings, wheelchair ramps, arm bars and sturdy floors are on popular demand. Wider doors and hallways are a must, and the less use of stairs in the home, the better.

Greener is better

Home builders lean more towards energy efficient products that allow the homeowners to live comfortably and save money. Solar energy is not only helping the environment, but solar panels on a home are raising their market value which will give homeowners more in return when they decide to leave. Tankless water heaters and HVAC systems reduce operating costs and are common in green homes for continued cost savings.

Sustainable energy and zero emission homes are increasingly popular and are becoming the industry standard. According to the National Association of Home Builders, builders anticipate that by 2016, they will be dedicated to green building work on over 90 percent of projects. They believe that people are increasingly trying to do what is right for the environment. Now, green homes provide higher building performance, and that means lower bills.

Builders take on all the designing duties

Traditionally blueprints of new homes were generated and passed on to a contractor to redesign it with information that was not always the same as designed. Now, one stop and one approach is utilized in the engineers and coordination process. This speeds up the construction process, instead of two and a half years projects can be designed in two years or less.

Precision and accuracy improvements

Virtual design makes projects run smoother with computer aided design. The use of CAD software includes creating a 3D model of design, application of material and lighting effects and documenting the design with dimensions. This is utilized in mostly every design project, such as architecture, mechanical and engineering fields.

Efficient and more modular

The modular design is making a huge comeback. There are a number of benefits that come with modular design. Architects and contractors are excited about this because that means it requires less energy to complete and it results in faster production. The lower the building and operating costs, the better. For the homeowner that means the precise lining promotes air efficiency. Use of energy efficient glass and aluminum panels make designs more eco-friendly.

More and more trends of the past are making a comeback and evolving to serve the newer generation of homeowners. This means more environmental friendly products will be put to use to conserve energy and manage resources better.

ABCD Builders is a general contracting company that brings a new life to every construction project. By utilizing the latest technology and vision from their customers they provide the highest quality service for Southern California residents. Get a free quote and learn how their contractors can remodel your building with your creativity.