Get Your Home Ready for Winter: 10 Areas that Need the Attention

You may find yourself dusting off your sweaters and overcoats as the weather starts to cool down. Although you and your family may be able to keep warm underneath big heavy blankets, what about your home? Before the chill starts to settle into your bones get a head start and get your home ready for winter.

Taking the time to return your home back to its full potential to keep your family warm in the cold will pay off in the long haul. New homeowners experiencing their first winter need to do what they can to prepare their homes. At ABCD Builders Inc. their team of contractors can remodel or attend to troubled areas of the home that need attention before the cold takes over. They are prepared to give any home the special treatment within a tight budget for the homeowner. The holidays are quickly approaching and they understand that timeliness is vital for any home project, they are swift and efficient professionals who put their skills to the test for high customer satisfaction.

After renovations are complete be sure to get the simple things out of the way and get them done before the warmth of fall disappears. Several ABCD experts agree that every homeowner should give their homes to spa-like treatment before autumn is over. Below are 10 tips to follow.

1. Clean Rain Gutters

Remove all leaves and debris by hand or with a scraper, then rinse with a water hose. Clogged drains can form ice when temperatures drop and can lead to water leaks in the home. Keep track of misaligned gutters and repair for leaks to avoid flooding and water damage.

2. Reverse Ceiling Fans

It may seem silly, but fans that have a reverse option should be utilized all winter long to help circulate air. This will reduce the homeowner’s heating bill by blowing cool air up toward the ceiling instead of down.

3. Seal All Windows

For those that face severe conditions during rainy season it will be beneficial to change out or upgrade to more efficient windows. This will keep water and cold drafts from seeping in and will not let the heat escape from the inside.

4. Check the Furnace

A homeowner needs to be sure that their furnace air filter is running efficiently and provides clean air. A dirty filter blocks airflow, reduces efficiency and in worst cases cause fires. Reusable electrostatic or electronic filters can be washed to avoid multiple replacements.

If there is a long lasting smell, after turning on the furnace, the furnace may need to be cleaned and tuned by a professional.

5. Insulation

Check insulation in attics and crawlspaces to be sure that nothing has dislodged or fallen out. If ceiling joists in the attic are visible then the attic needs insulation.

6. Ductwork

Homeowners should be prepared to check that all ductwork is connected and insulated. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, they state that if air ducts are poorly insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills. It is important to seal ducts to prevent leaks in unconditioned areas, attics or crawlspaces. Qualified professionals will help install or repair ductwork to avoid losing up to 60 percent of heated air from a central heating systems, as statistics have shown.

7. Plug the Chimney

Ideally, chimneys are cleaned during spring, but they need to be checked before use. Make an appointment to have it cleaned and given a thorough inspection. Then have a protective cap to protect from rain and foreign objects.

An inflatable chimney plug can be used to the homeowner’s advantage. It will keep out cold drafts from blowing in and keep the warmth from escaping out.

8. Block Out Leaks

During the wet and windy months water infiltration, condensation and air leakage affects the home’s comfort the most. Close spaces and gaps under doors, and maintain or replace stripping around doors that lead outside.

9. Check Alarm Systems

This is the perfect time to avoid going out at 3 a.m. in the freezing, cold weather to replace batteries from a smoke detector that will not shut off.

Take the time to replace old detectors and test out new ones. Replace batteries and have backup batteries handy.

Check the fire extinguisher or buy one and have it somewhere near the kitchen.

10. Repair Shingles

Cracked and missing shingles can lead to water leaks. If shingles are missing or damaged purchase new ones and replace them before rain begins.

Now that your home is ready for winter, you can sit back and relax. You don not want to cover up with multiple layers just to keep warm, so make the upgrades to your home where they are needed. The professionals at ABCD Builders can help make renovations for you at affordable rates. Get your home prepared and be ready to have a happy and comfortable winter.