How To Repair Cracks In Your Homes Foundation

Your home’s foundation is tough, but over time it tends to crack. Minor cracking is not an issue, it is the larger cracks that show significant movement and can affect the home’s structural stability. Do not avoid these cracks in your foundation, take action. Repairing cracks will prevent spreading and help minimize the risk for more severe foundation problems. If your foundation or structural slab shows a multiple number of cracks that are larger than a quarter of an inch in width, have it examined by the professionals at ABCD Builders Inc. as we are the experts in home foundation crack repair Los Angeles.

A building’s foundation is there to support and hold together any structure above it. The ground itself is not always solid and never remains still. Without a foundation, a house is more likely to be cracked or damaged by natural causes. A foundation that is properly built is able to sustain abuse and remain safe for its residents. The most important functions that a foundation delivers are to bear the load of a building, anchor it against natural forces and to isolate it from ground moisture.

The contractors at ABCD Builders will tackle any challenge in repairing a home’s foundation. Concrete moves a fraction of an inch here and there, even when concrete is in its best conditions. Concrete expands on hot days and shrinks in cold ones. ABCD Builders determines what the condition is of the foundation and works together with customers to find a low budget solution.

According to an article from the Foundation Engineers Network, foundation performance considers the capability of the building to serve its purpose. A foundation that reflects poor performance may result from inadequate strength or insufficient stiffness. Some of its visible indications are cracking and separating of exterior walls.

What causes foundation problems?

Water is the primary problem in foundations. When water comes up against a foundation wall it exerts hydrostatic pressure, meaning that when water tries to escape areas of high pressure to areas with less pressure it can create moisture directly under the home or in the basement. As the moisture soaks into the concrete, over time the water damage weakens and cracks the foundation.

Other causes of foundation problems include:

Overload conditions that produce cracks (heavy vehicles or applications that rest too close to the foundation for an extended period of time)
Lack of proper control joints in foundation walls
Restraint of movement
Concrete was poured on frozen ground

How can I repair the cracks in the foundation?

Foundation repair requires professional knowledge and experience, it may be dangerous for a homeowner to assess the problem. Searching for a contractor that has experience and superior knowledge about home foundation is vital for a successful repair. ABCD Builders hires qualified professionals to serve residents in the Los Angeles area. Their contractors utilize many methods for successful foundation repairs. Some of the following services include:

Epoxy injections

Epoxy injections are a used to fill in cracks in concrete slabs and walls, using a synthetic resin. It is a superior adhesive that is resistant to chemicals and water. The surface surrounding the crack is first cleared of any material and then the injection is filled in the crack. Staples are attached along the crack for stabilization. This method is used to prevent cracks from increasing in size and prevents moisture from soaking in the concrete.

Underpinning improves the support of the structure’s weight by increasing the depth or the width of the foundation. A structure that is too heavy for its foundation will crack the foundation and may even lead to deformation of the building’s walls. Underpinning will distribute the weight evenly and give the building extra support.

Strapping is a method that is used with epoxy injections to repair walls and cracks in the foundation. The carbon fiber straps are used to close and prevent the foundation from moving. When the walls have too much weight on them it can lead to movement in the foundation, and eventually the walls collapse. The straps will not allow any such movement.

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The best for option made available to a homeowner is to call the experts at ABCD Builders Inc. They will determine what is causing the cracking and use the best solution to correct the home’s foundation.

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