Modern Style Can Work in Almost Any Home

Here at ABCD Builders, we have remodeled many homes and businesses using modern styling and design. Clean lines and an innovative use of materials help make the modern style a popular choice for many people who want to try  a new look. The result can be some truly unique looks.

Modern Remodel

But what if your style is more traditional? After all, modern style is just one of many different ways you can decorate your space, as we detailed in last month’s blog. What many people don’t know is that you don’t have to remodel your home or business to inject a little modern style into your life.

Contrast is a growing trend among interior designers. By combining classic and modern elements, many people are now reaping the benefits of combining the best of both worlds. One new trend is the use of modern art pieces in otherwise classically decorated rooms. Surprisingly, even rooms with extremely Old World style – including busts and elegant chandeliers – can benefit from the strategic placement of an ultra-modern painting.

The basic design concept behind this trend is the concept of counterpoint. Although it may seem like modern art pieces might clash with an old school room, sometimes the play created between the two objects can enhance one another. The classic elements look that much more traditional in light of the modern art piece. And the art pieces themselves look much more provocative when placed in a classically styled room.

Sometimes, too much of one style can be overbearing. Introducing a little counterpoint into your home or office can help keep things interesting and show off your playful side. This strategy can work well as part of a remodel or to complement an existing space.