Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels Completed in Encino

Have you been itching to give your Encino home a kitchen or bathroom a long overdue face-lift?  With kitchens, for instance, there certainly is a lot to consider when beginning a renovation. There are so many variables that can go into the equation, such as the age and style of the home, the shape of the room, wiring, plumping and gas considerations.  Furthermore, there’s also a plethora of design and finishes when considering flooring, cabinets, lighting, windows, ceiling treatments….this list goes on and on.  With so much to plan and do, many homeowners either give up and continue to live with the old dingy, nonfunctional kitchen as they have for years, or worse, plan to undertake such a enormous undertaking by themselves.  As we all know from experience, in order to creative a truly unique and distinctive space, it is best to employ a construction professional with industry experience so that your time, as well as money, is well spent.  It is essential to take the time to thoroughly plan out the remodel, ensuring that the project will remain within the desired budget and that the aesthetic choices that you make for your kitchen will remain beautiful and appealing for many years to come.  In addition to selecting the right sink, range, oven, microwave and storage for your new kitchen, it is also important to have an expert trained in kitchen remodeling to assess the state of all the electrical, plumbing, and flooring so as to not experience any unforeseen surprises. Transforming your kitchen into a nice warm place of gathering can be difficult for the everyday homeowner. Likewise, remodeling your kitchen for added luxury is not always the best idea without have a professional team on your side. We here at ABCD Builders are a team of industry experts can help you upgrade your kitchen while keeping your budget in mind. We know that you work hard day in and day out for your money and we understand that value and respect during the process is paramount.  ABCD Builders can help you give that kitchen that you and your family have been dreaming about.

Below are some kitchen and bath remodels we have done in Encino:


Is your home located in Encino? Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. ABCD Builders is proud to serve residents in the city of Encino including zip codes 91316, 91416, 91426 and 91436.  Our team of dedicated industry professionals serves Los Angeles, Greater Los Angeles area, and the Inland Empire as well.

Facts About Encino
County: Los Angeles
Population (2009): 41,905
Median Household Income (2009): $94,982
Estimated House Value (2009): $465,700
Median Gross Rent (2008): $1,595