Spring into a New Driveway

Driveway Remodel

Every spring, property owners across the country take advantage of the end of the wet season to do some much-needed concrete work. At ABCD Builders, Inc., we regularly perform this kind of work at residents and businesses throughout the many dry days we enjoy here in Southern California. A great way to give your home a new look for spring is with a new driveway.

Take the uniquely patterned latticed driveway above, for instance. We installed this driveway as part of a complete exterior makeover, another popular way to spruce up a home for spring. There’s no difference between the concrete used for this driveway and the slabs usually installed on a plain driveway. The design is created with greater spacing between the slabs and modifications to their dimensions.

Because of the way the slabs have been staggered, this driveway has a look that’s one of a kind. It creates a look that’s both fresh and modern, with clean lines and symmetry. Upon closer inspection, you can see that a thin line of slabs has been laid in the center of the driveway. This makes it easy to separate the two halves of this two-car garage, like individual parking spaces in a public lot (but without those unsightly painted lines). It’s a look that’s both stylish and functional.

Spring is the perfect time to update your home with an exterior makeover like this. The driveway is just one place you can make noticeable, yet subtle, changes to your home. Also popular at this time of year are a new roof, fresh coat of paint, and upgrades to the windows, doors, and outdoor lighting. ABCD Builders can execute almost any design idea you can think of. Now is the perfect time to start envisioning a new look for your home.