It was my great pleasure, and good fortune, to work with ABCD Builders, and Itamar Azulay in particular, on a building project in a condo in downtown LA in 2010.  Working with condo associations is never easy but Itamar navigated the minefields with tact, good humor and above all professionalism. We particularly appreciated that we were never presented with a problem without solutions to challenges created by field conditions. He was always happy to think innovatively and sometimes try again for a better outcome.   His workmanship displayed the highest level of quality, which he demanded from all his employees and sub-contractors. He frequently insisted on a higher level of execution than even I could have demanded. He has an outstanding group of people with whom he works, and we were delighted with the spectacular results.  Uncharacteristically for the construction industry, we found that Itamar was very proactive. He would call on a daily basis to inform me of progress even when there was nothing going on at the site. He was always reachable and responsive when I called. He came to know us and our tastes and was able to make suggestions that resulted in a much improved final product.  In summary, we highly recommend ABCD Builders. The standard of the work and the pleasure of working with Itamar were remarkable. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask further questions.

Date of Posting: 31 October 2011
Posted By: Michele
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc., Los Angeles

Dear Tamar,

Your company provided a very professional approach to all of our space challenges during the move to our new commercial space. You were always responsive and concerned with what our goals were. Thank you very much for the professional, timely service you gave us and for proving that contractors can deliver what they promise on time and at the price originally quoted.
Many thanks.
Sheryl Hai-Ami

Date of Posting: 19 October 2011
Posted By: Sheryl
President – Value Beyond Doors, Westlake Village, CA